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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We spruce up your online presence.
If you are not marketing online, you are missing out on a big chunk of business. Digital/Online marketing these days is not optional anymore. Google has become the first choice to search for businesses, services and products. If you are not there, it’s a great disadvantage to your business. We at Xita Technologies understand the nuances of digital marketing and get you there.
Digital marketing is an umbrella under which a myriad of activities take place. All these activities can be divided into 3 verticals.





Google Ads & PPC

Speed Optimization

Making you number one is our top priority.
If our initial study and analysis of your business, convinces us that SEO indeed is a need, then we work out a strategy to improve your website’s Google ranking. SEO gives surprisingly effective results in a short time if done efficiently. We provide targeted and affordable local and global SEO services.
Organic and white-hat SEO is as much as art as it is a science. Our team understands the nuances of how google rankings and how to get a website to climb up the ladder of rankings.

We make you be there, everywhere.
Social media marketing is an indispensable tool for businesses who want to establish their brands and reach out to the maximum. But a very common question people as is that if you are geared for search engine optimization then should you really care about social media ? The two are very closely related – but each is important in its own aspect.
Social media is your channel to reach out – to be discovered. A website requires active action from a user/customer – where they have to literally type your website address to load your website. So for the business it’s a passive form of reaching out. Social media on the other hand is more connected, more real time and active (rather than passive) in its nature. Social media lets people discover new content – like stories, updates, happenings etc. Social media helps build links that in turn support into SEO efforts. A lot of people today will search you first on Facebook and youtube rather than on the main search engine. This itself makes is really crucial for your business to be present at as many social avenues as possible.
At IndiFutute Technologies, we understand the power that social media encompasses. We help you leverage this power to build your brand, create trust for your business, and reach out to maximum people – filtered on geography, age, creed, gender, interests etc.
Marketing on social media is extremely economical as compared to traditional channels like newspaper and television advertisements.

Popularise your app through data-driven actionable insights.
Launched an app? App Store Optimization should then be the first step towards increasing your downloads. Getting your app to improve its visibility and rank high on searches in Google play store and Apple App Store is what encompasses ASO.
There are hundreds of apps for almost every keyword that you search for. How do you get your app to rank high? Please note – maximum downloads are achieved by the first few apps that get listed in a search result.
App store optimisation (ASO) is a subset of app marketing. Though it’s importance has always been underestimated, today ASO has become essential and important. It’s all about improving product visibility within app stores and stimulating users to actually download an app. Afterall, no downloads means no business.

Steps undertaken for App Store and Play store optimization

1. Strategy for optimized Keywords in title considering the competition
2. Optimized Keywords in description
3. Increasing Total downloads
4. Quality of ratings
5. Number of comments
6. Maximize keywords
7. Write an irresistible description
8. Pick a standout icon
7. Add screenshots
8. Localize your listing
9. Boost traffic with promotion
10. Encourage feedback
11. Update often

CRO – we focus to convert every single website visitor. Helps you increase profit without raising your advertising spend.

Every website has some objectives or desired actions that they would want their visitors to undertake.

Your conversion rate is simply the ratio or percentage of visitors who complete the desired action on your website. The objective(s) of your website is only met, when there is healthy conversion. But can it be optimized ?
Well yes, conversion rate optimization (CRO) is as much an art as it is a science. The higher the conversion rates, the more is the reach of your design, copy and objective to qualified prospects. For any website, we define clear goals of conversion and then fine-tune the pages to optimize the conversion rates. CRO helps you discover more about your customers and their behaviour and choices – which can be an extremely important insight. CRO is a mindset and takes time and lot of micro and macro level efforts to optimize the equation. It is a data-driven process to make educated changes to the website to increase conversions. No guesswork. No magic. CRO starts where SEO, PPC and social media marketing end. While these channels bring you visitors to your app/website – CRO makes sure that the end objective of the website is met. Focusing only to get traffic on the website makes little business sense. Afterall, we all need customers to buy, or subscribe, or reach out to us, or download etc. CRO is the culmination to the your marketing strategy and actions.

For example

Getting a customer to signup
Getting customer to purchase a product
Signup for a newsletter
Subscribe to a service
Download Free E-Book
Fill contact/inquiry form
Answer a survey
Give feedback
and more.

Google Ads & PPC are the advertisment programs by google.
For all your searches on google, there are few sponsored results on the top and right side. They are all paid results. The rest are called organic search results. While SEO focuses on organic results, PPC shows your advertisement in the sponsored section. SEO is a long-vision plan – while PPC / Google Ads can get you visibility right from day one. Ofcourse, we need to pay google for the same.
Building a winning PPC campaign – requires careful planned approach. It requires tasks as listed below – Researching and selecting the right keywords.

Organizing the keywords into well-organized campaigns
Creating ad groups
Setting up PPC landing pages
Optimizing landing pages for conversions

Please note that under PPC – the advertiser usually pays per click on the advertisement. For some advertisements the charge is on per 1000’s of impressions (ad display and not clicks). But Google usually reward advertisers by charging less amount per click for relevant and intelligently targeted pay-per-click campaigns. If your ads and landing pages are useful and satisfying to users, Google charges you less per click, leading to higher profits for your business. So doing PPC right become important.
Google being the most popular search engine gets massive amounts of traffic – resulting in lots of clicks to your advertisements. A successful PPC advertising campaign will focus on

Keyword Relevance
Landing Page Quality
Quality Score

A PPC campaign then regularly needs to be managed to keep their effectiveness. Our team at Techma are experts with PPC campaigning and management – giving you the best returns on your investments.

Squeezing every little second from your load time
– we put your site on steroid.

A often neglected aspect of a website is its load speed. Importance of speed cannot be emphasized more. It is one of the key factors in google’s algorithm in determining the ranking of the site. Also statistics have proved that a slower websites have extremely high bounce rates. People just abandon slow websites and switch over to competition websites.

At Xita Technologies – our technical team is expert at fine tuning the speed of a website. We generate regular reports using Google page speed, GT Metrix and other tools. The speed is increased on both desktop and mobile versions of the site. Mobile friendly – fast loading websites are must these days.

Site speed has been a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm since 2010, with Google stating:
“At Google, we’re striving to make the whole web fast. As part of that effort, we’re launching a new web-based tool in Google Labs, Page Speed Online, which analyzes the performance of web pages and gives specific suggestions for making them faster. Page Speed Online is available from any browser, at any time. This allows website owners to get immediate access to Page Speed performance suggestions so they can make their pages faster.”
Some of the steps that we take
1 Reduce http requests
2 Optimize images
3 Zip js and css files
4 Minify js and css
5 everage caching
6 CSS sprites
8 Good fast hosting
9 Code optimization

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